Minimal Side Stitch Watch Strap - Horween Natural Chromexcel

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These Two Piece Watch Straps will be a perfect complement to your time piece. Made from high quality, premium Horween Chromexcel, these straps will become one of your favorites in no time. Featuring a tapered design, hand stitching, and high quality lining, these straps can honestly handle anything you throw at them! (I have worn mine swimming, in the shower, in hot tubs, on runs, and it continues to just age and get better with use!)


  • Padding: No Padding
  • Stitching: Hand-stitched minimal side stitch near the lugs and tip with natural waxed thread
  • Leather: Horween Natural Chromexcel Steerhide (USA)
  • Lining: Water-resistant Zermatt Calfskin from Tannery Haas (France)
  • Length: 75mm x 120mm
  • Lugs: Quick release lugs for easy strap swapping
  • Keepers: Features one fixed keeper and one floating keeper to allow for the best fit
  • Edges: Sanded, beveled, painted and burnished with beeswax

    Manufacturing Transparency: Unlike all of my other items on my website, these are handcrafted in China by some fantastic leather artisans with over 15+ years of experience. These have all been crafted with my exact specifications inclusive of width, length, hole size, buckle, lining, edge finish, and thread size. With Guarded Goods continuing to be my side business and my day job and family life getting more busy, I have needed to look for ways to free up my time. One way I am exploring is the outsourcing of select items. This is the first set of items that will be made by someone else. Don't be fooled... these are some VERY high quality watch straps and are on par or better than what I would produce myself!