Lace Roulette Donation Sale (10 pairs)

  • Product Description: 10 pairs of laces in the color of your choice. 72" laces made from US rawhide leather.
  • Sale Description: Over the years I have worked to ensure the quality of my laces is up to par by testing every batch. If a portion of them doesn't pass the tests, the whole batch goes into a box regardless of the fact that many of the laces may be fine. I now have almost 750 pairs of fully US sourced 72" rawhide laces up for grabs which will be sold in batches of 10 pairs for $10 in either Coffee Brown or Black. This is purely a luck of the draw purchase. You may end up with 10 pairs of great laces or 10 pairs of subpar/broken laces. I won't be testing the laces so this purchase is at your own risk - all sales are final. Sales will be DONATED to the charity of your choice based on the pre-selected list. May the lace odds be ever in your favor.

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